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Search Engine Optimisation

Step 1 - Strategy

Before getting started with your SEO campaign, it’s imperative we have the right information and strategy to guide your efforts. We conduct research and use specialised tools to help you understand the potential revenue opportunity achievable through SEO, as well as where your site currently ranks against your competitors. This stage is critical to streamlining implementation and getting the most out of your investment.

Step 2 - Implementation

With over six years of experience, our SEO experts know how to build campaigns that drive tangible results to your businesses bottomline. We utilise all standard indicators to ensure search engines credit your website as the most relevant and valuable source for your target search queries. From the keyword selection process, to on-page and off-page strategies – including content creation and curation, social media signals, and other white-hat methodolgies – we have the expertise to help you maximise the effectiveness of your HYM SEO campagn.

Step 3 - Tracking & Adjustment

Tweeking and reevaluating and continusly improving on your SEO is an important phase in the HYM SEO strategy.

Several months of tracking, reporting and improving your SEO efforts is essential. We monitor your site traffic, rankings across the top general search engines and vertical search engines of significance. Once rankings have stabilised, we will work to improve any unsatisfactory rankings.

Step 4 - Keyword Milestones and Knowing your ROI

The KPIs or goals for the simplest form of tracking can give an overall snapshot of whether your SEO efforts are working or not. This tracking is ideal for senior management and non-technical front-line/management staff. Simple conversion tracking provides an overall idea about the return on investment from the marketing activity without going into a lot of detail about the search engines or keywords used to find the your website and engage in business with it.

Most Online marketing agencies are focused on ranking, but our focus is on your ROI. Take your eye of the ball and it starts to cost you money.

Let HYM tailor a strategy based on your business model and increase your sales revenue and lead generation.