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Six principles of effective SEO

Six principles of effective SEO

Here at HYM Digital we think that like a house of cards, your SEO campaign is built on five essential principles. If any one falls out or if you neglect to protect them with enough effort then the whole structure will come tumbling down around you and it’ll be impossible for anyone else take up where YOU left off!

The six most important things in terms of executing an effective search engine optimization plan are:

1. Site foundation
Ensuring your site is technically sound will ensure the best user experience. Our 50-point checklist ensures that we check everything from connectivity to accessibility on you website, so clients can rely upon it for their business needs!

2. Keyword research
The research gives us a clear picture of what direction the strategy should take. Decisions are made weighing up competition against potential traffic, to find out which is bigger in influence on our business and how we can optimize it for success.

3. Back links
Third-party sites that link back to your website help improve its ranking with the search engines. The more external linking, generally speaking, helps give a higher Google rankings for both speed and accuracy.

4. Relevant content
Creating content that is both engaging and useful will help you to rank higher in search engine rankings.

A primary tactic for improving your site’s ranking among the billions on Google, Bing & Yahoo! alike has always been creating blogs about relevant subject matters; this way people can find what they’re looking for when browsing through our sites’ pages (and maybe even subscribe!).

5. Local SEO
Think of SEO as an extension to your overall marketing efforts. It’s important that you’re consistent in what information appears on Google My Business listings, other directory sites like Yelp ortro stumbleupon etc., so people can find them easily when they search for brands name.

6. Social Media
While your website is a great way to get the word out about all that you have going on, it should also be promoting and updating with new information. The best thing for people who are looking at businesses’ pages like this would not only come from their social media sites but through posts as well so they can see what’s happening right now inside of companies while staying up-to date via notifications!

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