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Paid Search Marketing

Pay Per Click

Our PPC Management service gives you the opportunity to have your PPC account managed by one of our professional and Google certified account managers.

We will work closely together with you in order to have the correct structure in place for the best possible ROI. You will have full access to your PPC and Analytics account/s. Your dedicated account manager will work on the account optimisation on a daily or weekly basis depending on your plan and will report back to you every month with a full summary and any future developments.

Google Adwords
How We Do It:

pay per clickNew Account Set-up Or Existing Account Management:
If you are starting with a complete new account or simply need management for an existing account – our PPC Management Service will give your account the right structure for a better ROI. Daily manual bid management and consistent campaign testing are part of our management process.

Highly Targeted, Structured Campaigns:

We will start the management process for existing accounts with a full review of all account historical data based on traffic and other performance metrics. Moving on from the performance review we will structure your campaigns into individually targeted ad groups based on your business, services and products. This allows us to apply a tailored bidding strategy to these targeted ad groups in order to bid more effectively.

AnalyticsInsightful Research:

Apart from relying on historical performance data we will conduct in depth research in order to gain insights into your specific industry sector. We will then adopt a keyword strategy that focuses on driving quality traffic to your website. To do so we will expand keywords across the campaigns to include more specific search terms. These more specific keywords in combination with an extensive list of negative terms will lower your click costs and higher the quality of traffic.

Creative Ads That Enhance CTR:

Another part of our PPC Management is the creation of relevant and targeted ad creatives that include different call to actions and other important offers or incentives. Using various ad creatives and testing them against each other will give us the chance to identify the strongest performing ad creatives and work towards those to increase the click-through-rate.

Relevant Landing Pages:

It is important for us to direct the user to the most relevant landing pages providing the visitor of your website with the best information based on their original search query. In order to do so we will also provide you with optimization suggestions for your website to have a fully focused PPC-friendly landing page. The high relevancy of your landing page will have a positive long-term effect on your quality score.

Conversion Tracking & Google Analytics:

In order for your dedicated account manager to work efficiently on your account on a daily basis we will provide you with Conversion Tracking advice and installation tips to monitor the day to day performance of your PPC managed campaigns. In addition to Conversion Tracking we will fully set up a Google Analytics account complete with Goal Tracking and eCommerce where applicable. You will also receive direct 24/7 access to our own reporting interface displaying all the relevant campaign performance metrics.