Database and Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)

Keep it simple.

Regardless of weather or not you use a popular CRM applications such as, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Netsuite or SugarCRM, you will most likely need customisations specific to your business model and procedures.

HYMDigital can assist with complex application programming interfacing (API) that will connect two or more different business softwares together.


Keep it relevant

Strategy, marketing automation & CRM implementation, digital asset design & on-going campaign execution support. RMS is an enormously talented resource pool of marketing experts with creative, design and systems implementation skills.

CRM Management

We have helped our clients optimise their CRM performance to achieve better business results. The key to this approach is simply using a highly flexible and cost-effective strategy that leverages your CRM data that is aligned to your company's sales and business objectives. Based on our CRM Direct Integration solution, API intergations to Email marketing softwares and more.

This results in marketers having the power to integrate customer data, custom messaging statistics and web analytics to launch SMS/Email campaigns of any scale.

CRM Management

The key to choosing the right CRM for your business will rely on budget, timeline, tech savvy, pc/mac, mobile, etc. all play into the selection. Regardless of which you choose is to make sure you don't make the mistake of just assuming that buying a crm will solve your problems. ALL CRMS need to be tailored, and each has a different level of effort and skillset to get it working for you. The good news is that there's usually no WRONG answer, but a nicely tailored suit provides that high end, professional look compared to folding up your sleeves and cuffs--but both cover you.

  • Create a CRM strategy and framework that drives engagement and repeat purchase behaviours
  • Analyse your customer database to draw insight into customer behaviours and identify opportunities for revenue growth
  • Manage customer data set-up, export, tracking and reporting
  • Work with key stakeholders to define the application of the CRM framework (email, social, app) through the customer trip cycle
  • Work with the local teams to create an email plan that fits with the global marketing calendar and supports key product categories
  • Manage the email production process from conception, production, deployment and measurement